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This is the FIRST "Web Agency" product on Clickbank and a great opportunity to take advantage of the current "Become an Entrepreneur" trend.
This product is a better, more affordable version of the $1000+ courses being promoted by other "experts" on Instagram and Snapchat. This market is red hot right now. More and more people are looking for ways to be their own boss and this offer can be a solution for them.

There are similar offers to this one selling for $1000+ by "gurus" on Snapchat and Instagram. This product offers more insight and is a fraction of the price. The Web Agency MasterClass offers great value for a reasonable price, so that people of all ages and backgrounds can afford it.

That means more sales, more conversions and better EPCs!

This product is sure to convert. Everybody wants to work for themselves, and this gives them a fresh solution. 
What is the Web Agency MasterClass
The Web Agency MasterClass course is sold on Clickbank - the #1 platform for digital products. The course itself is 5 modules covering everything needed to start and run a successful Web Agency.

This is one of the hottest niches to promote right now. With online gurus selling similar courses for $1000+, this course is an easy sell at ONLY $39, with two AMAZING upsells and downsells after the initial sale!
The Sales Funnel Explained...
Why Promote Us?
We are the first "Web Agency" course on Clickbank. This is a fresh product in a BIG market. Sure to be a winner! 

With 75% commissions, two upsells and two downsells, you can make OVER $55 per sale! 

What are you waiting for?
Similar online courses sell for $1000+, but this product is designed for the masses. It sells for a price that people of all ages can afford.

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to work from home, find alternative income streams, web designers, freelancers and much more. The targeting potential is endless.

Our product is PERFECT for many lists, especially related to making money online, starting a business, web development, entrepreneurs or any coaching or mentor lists.

Here are some reasons why:
HUGE Commissions
You get up to $58 in commissions per sale with our high converting sales funnel. Our amazing upsells and downsells help increase order value and increase your commissions! We give you 75% of ALL sales you help generate!
BIG Market Potential
This niche is exploding right now. Promote this offer to anyone looking to make money online. Target anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, be their own boss, freelancers, web developers, marketers and more! 
Follow-Up Commissions
We want our affiliates to make as much money as possible, which is why we offer the maximum allowed 75% commission. Another way we try to maximize your potential earnings is by having opt-ins for non-buying visitors and then sending them follow up emails to close the sale. ALL sales generated through these follow up emails will be credited to you, and you get a 75% commission!
One-of a Kind Offer
This one of a kind offer has never been seen before on Clickbank. It is the first ever "Web Agency" course available for affiliates to promote, and is sure to convert like crazy. Similar courses are being promoted by well known "Gurus" and selling for $1000s of dollars. This course sells for a fraction of that price and has been designed to convert. 
PERFECT for Mailing Lists
This offer will do well on just about any list related to Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Web developers, Marketers, Making money online, Affiliate marketing, eCommerce - the lists goes on and on! Use our pre-written swipes and watch the sales roll in!
High Quality Product
This program provides a REAL solution to people who want to be their own boss and become an entrepreneur. It was created based on real life experiences and explains in detail everything needed to start and run a Web Agency business. It covers everything from A-Z.
TONS of Promotional Material
We've created tons of banners, email swipes and other great resources so that you have everything you need to do well with this offer. If you have any questions or need help with anything we are here to help as well.
High Converting Upsells
Our upsells and downsells have been designed to convert. They go PERFECT with the initial offer and is a no brainer for anyone buying the product. This sales funnel was well thought out and will have no problem converting like crazy!
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